RoamerLite-D – The very unique Digital & Cordless LED illuminated map magnifier


Product Information:

RoamerLite-D (Digital) is an evolution of our successful RoamerLite-C cordless
LED-based map magnifier. RoamerLite-D (Digital) is the first map magnifier to
go digital and cordless, featuring: 
- all functionality operated simply via the Red and Black buttons
- 12 high intensity white LEDs and 12 high intensity red LEDs and one blue LED
- both sets are variable brightness and you can switch between the colours as you wish
- emergency mode - flash white LEDs in "attract" mode or the red LEDs in
"SOS" mode attracting the attention and/or assistance of other people/cars
- magnification now by a plano-convex lens compared with previous models
- a low battery warning blue LED.

The ergonomic moulding, battery case, hand/hook strap, anti-driver glare design
and all round equalised illumination from RoamerLite-C are retained and provide complete freedom of use:
- No more worrying about an adapter or special wiring connector when swapping vehicles – as with “C” none are required!
- Plot in the warmth of the start venue and have your magnifier at hand for those hard to see junctions
- Use the "D" during table-top events, use the "D" anywhere!

How to use RoamerLite-D

Unscrew the battery case cap and insert three AA batteries into the cartridge.
Re-assemble the battery case, noting that the screw cap locks the batteries into the case and
provides a very sturdy and waterproof seal.
The different colour LEDs will flash in sequence, twice, to show that the RoamerLite-D is
ready to go, and the unit will then show white LED illumination at a mid-brightness level.
Turning on/off and brightness
All functionality is controlled by the two push buttons, Red and Black.
To switch the unit on press and hold both buttons until the LEDs illuminate – the brightness and colour of the main LEDs (i.e. white or red) are remembered from when you last switched it off.
Choose a brightness level by simply pressing the Red button (up) or the Black button (down).
To switch the unit off press and hold both buttons briefly - the LEDs will turn off.
White/red LED selection
Continue to hold the Red button after maximum brightness is obtained and the LEDs will start to flash (at a mid-brightness level).  If you continue to hold the Red button for about 2 seconds, the
RoamerLite-D will switch from the White LEDs to the Red LEDs (or the red LEDs to the white LEDs) at a mid-brightness level.
Change the brightness of the new colour by simply pressing Red button (up) or Black button down).
If you release the button before the 2 seconds expire, the LEDs will not change to the other colour.
Similarly, holding the Black button after minimum brightness will cause the LEDs to flash and continuing to hold it will change the LEDs to the other colour.
Emergency mode selection
With either the white or red LEDs illuminated, press and hold both buttons until the blue LED flashes, continue holding both buttons until the white LED’s flash. Releasing the buttons will leave the white LEDs flashing at maximum brightness in “attract mode” (the white LEDs showing a repeating pattern of three flashes on/off then a slight pause) allowing you use this mode to attract attention.)
If you then press either button, the flashing LEDs will toggle between the “attract” mode and the “SOS” mode
(the red LEDS showing a repeating pattern of “SOS” in Morse code).
SOS” mode allows you to shine the flashing LEDs to attract attention and request assistance.
To turn an emergency mode off, press and hold both buttons briefly and the LEDs will turn off.
The next time you turn the unit on, by pressing and holding both buttons, it will return to normal white/red illumination mode.

Common questions:

What type of batteries should I use?
Single use AA primary or rechargeable batteries with around 2000mAH capacity are required.  These are commonly available, with many batteries (Duracell “copper tops”,
Panasonic rechargeable batteries and even discount supermarket own brands etc) easily having higher capacities.
What if my batteries start to go flat/fail?
Using state of the art electronics, the on-board processor senses when the LEDs brightness is reducing due to low battery voltage and will flash the blue LED briefly every 10 seconds – however, the LED brightness will be more than usable for several more hours and there is no “cliff edge” drop off point.  The change-over time for exhausted batteries is minimal and fuss free by changing the batteries in the cartridge. RoamerLite-D is designed to run for typically 10/12 hours of continuous use.
A spare battery cartridge is available as an accessory so you could even stock a "loaded" cartridge for a super quick change...less than 10 seconds
Can I use rechargeable AA batteries in RoamerLite-D?
Yes you can - the circuitry has been designed to operate with virtually no degradation on the slightly lower voltage from rechargeable batteries.
Why is RoamerLite-D not rechargeable?
Imagine you just forgot to recharge or ran out of time to charge your “D” … it’s back to a cable magnifier for you!
If the battery voltage is allowed to drop very low, then it’s just a few seconds to change them over and you are good to go.
Can I switch RoamerLite-D completely off?
The only way to completely switch RoamerLite-D off is to remove the batteries.  Pressing both Red and Black buttons simultaneously make the RoamerLite-D “go to sleep” and wait for you to wake it up.
The batteries will last many weeks in this "sleep" condition while RoamerLite-D is in your Nav bag awaiting its next outing!
As with most battery-operated devices, best practice is to remove the batteries if you do not intend to use RoamerLite-D for a particularly long period.


Electronic12 high intensity white LEDs, 12 high intensity red LEDs and 1 blue LED
operating from 3x AA primary or rechargeable batteries.
Ergonomic design
Designed so that the adjustable strap helps form your hand against the curve of the polypropylene body.  Left-hand or right-hand use is achieved by simply swapping
the adjustable strap to the opposite side of the unit.
Plano convex glass lens
An improved (Plano-convex) glass lens allows high magnification with totally equal visibility across the entire 100mm/360 degree viewing area.
Unique driver's "anti-glare" system
The driver will be aware of how little reflected "backlight" is produced due to the unique sleeve separating the light source from the top of the unit
State of the art illumination control with intelligence
Turn the unit on/off, select white LED or red LED general illumination, control LED brightness and initiate the emergency mode by simple use of the two push buttons.
Comes complete with an adjustable handle and hanging strap
Doubles as a hanging device and a fully adjustable hand steady.
Comes complete with a colour coded drawstring carry bag
Enables you to keep RoamerLite-D safe and clean when not in use.


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