RoamerLite-B – The unique LED illuminated map magnifier.


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Product Information:

Please note: RoamerLite-C our new Cordless battery operated model has arrived… here

The unique RoamerLite-B

More and more Rally Navigator’s are turning to this unique & lightweight unit.
The LED’s (light emitting diode’s) natural light frequency is transferred through a “diffusor ring” allowing light to “glow” equally across the entire viewing area of the 100mm glass lens.
Light output can also be turned from maximum to minimum to suit your own requirements.

*Strap included*

To be seen in the dark to be believed!

Specification includes:

Super lightweight. 1/2 Kilo all in!

Ergonomic design.
Designed so that the adjustable strap wraps your hand into the curve of the polypropolene body.
Can be utilised for left or right hand use.

Plano glass lens.
Magnification is totally equal throughout the entire 100mm/360 degree viewing area.

Unique Driver’s “anti glare” system.
Your driver will be aware of how little reflected “backlight” is produced due to the unique sleeve separating the light source from the top of the unit.

State of the art illumination control.
Utilising a latest state of the art fine feel potentiometer (dimmer control) which includes a minor delay during the dimming process! Illumination turns down to zero if required.

Comes complete with an adjustable handle and hanging strap.
May be used as a LEFT or RIGHT handed unit.
Doubles as a hanging device and a fully adjustable hand steady.

Aux and 1/4 inch jack socket connection.
Allows you to select the type of connection used in a normal car or rally car etc.

Extremely low current consumption.
Due to the use of the latest Hi intensity light emmitting diodes, (LED) the current drain is minimal.

Auto sensing to +ve or -ve earth.
CANNOT be connected incorrectly.
Even if you swap wires onto your own connector the RoamerLite-B will still function… no problem.

12V regulation provides consistent light, with zero heat build up.
Minimal current means minimal heat build up! And… when your alternator (or Dynamo!) starts to get loaded on a wet night… the RoamerLite remains at it’s optimum brightness throughout.

Warning… comes alive in the dark!

(I guarantee that all RoamerLite pictures on these pages are actual & not electronically enhanced in any way.)

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