Fastime 22 Marshals/Navigators Watch/Stopwatch


Fastime 22 Marshals/Navigators Watch/Stopwatch

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The Fastime 22 Stopwatch is a CUM split solar powered stopwatch good for rugged event timing.

It has a rugged case with solar assisted power.

Mode A:
Stopwatch: The stopwatch can count up to 12 hours. Timing to 1/100th sec for the first 30 minutes. Then in 1 second intervals. With START, STOP, (TIME OUT) RESUME or RESET function and CUMULATIVE SPLIT TIME function.

ONE/TWO FAST FINISH: Press the split button to take the time of competitor 1. Press the stop button then the split button to show the time of competitor 2.

Mode B:

Mode C:
ALARM SET Use this function to set the alarm.

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