Basic Roamer Endurance

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Developed with the Endurance & Revival events in mind, this Roamer also includes 1:50 000 and the olde favourite 1:63 360 (1in/1ml) scale. Produced in the same format as the 6v2 Black on Clear, the Basic Roamer Endurance also boasts zero parallax error.


Amongst it's multiple features, Roamer Endurance is predominantly based around the 1:100 000 scale which makes it ideal for use in conjunction with the Philips Navigator or OS Touring map series.


  • Precision Engineered.
  • Hole for neck cord.
  • Basic Roamer logo reminds you to plot Eastings followed by Northings.
  • Conversion: metres to feet/feet to metres.
  • 1:50,000 scale with 1/4 divisions of 10ths.
  • Average Speed Formulae.
  • 12 and 24 hour clock face.
  • 360 degree protractor.
  • Conversion: miles to km's/km's to miles.

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