David Sutton's "The Choice of Champions"

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David Sutton's... "The Choice of Champions" 

Hardcover By David Sutton
ISBN 0954286014
Published by Live Wire Books

David Sutton was, through the Seventies and Eighties, synonymous with top-line Rally success, running works teams for Ford and Audi, and gaining a world title for Ari Vatanen. Then recession and the Gulf War knocked him (hence the chapter Saddam Hussein — His Part in My Downfall).

This personal tale charts Sutton’s comeback from awful personal and financial blows, via the rising sport of historic rallying.

Filled with memories of Mikkola, Mouton, David Richards, Ana Goñi, Pentti, et al it’s very frank about mistakes and not afraid of criticism.
The author’s words are plain, they are undoubtedly honest, and his modest pride in his various teams is uplifting.

R.I.P David.
You will be missed.


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