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RaliTripp is an easy to use, but sophisticated, modern rally tripmeter with multiple trip distance and stopwatch displays shown on a 125mm (5”) colour, touch sensitive TFT colour display

Tested in a variety of vehicles and events, RaliTripp is a unique and simple combination of Clocks, Stopwatches & Trip meters. And more. Much more.

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RaliTripp is the proud successor of our now discontinued RoamerTime+

General description:

RaliTripp is an advanced although easy to use unit for Road, Regularity, Jogularity, PCA, Targa and Stage rally Navigators/Co-drivers incorporating many major features:

  • Operation via vehicle 12v system, with all information being retained, including time of day, distances and all paused and running stopwatches when the unit is powered off
  • Adjustable display brightness, simple distance calibration and the ability to easily set the time of day to any single second
  • A simulation mode, where the unit simulates travelling at a selectable constant speed allowing practice use without necessarily being in a vehicle
  • A quick release mechanism incorporating an easily mounted bracket allowing adjustable fitting in all types of vehicles - this also means that the unit does not have to be stored in the vehicle after use
  • The ability to easily configure the lock out of the vehicle speed display for a set amount of days, ensuring it can be used on all event types without incurring penalty
  • The ability to connect up to four sensors at once, each with its own calibration value (up to 99,999 pulses per mile/km) and the trip displays can be switched on-the-fly to show distances in miles or kilometres, and speeds in mph or kph, without changing calibration values
  • A comprehensive set of easy to use screens to configure, for example, rally time, sensors and their calibration values, screen features, colours etc
  • An external hand remote switch unit which minimises the need to touch RaliTripp during competitive sections ​​​​​
  • Optional, driver-orientated, colour TFT display showing the main trip and watch values for each mode and an optional driver hand remote unit are also available

RaliTripp does not compute or display average speed in any mode, ensuring that it is eligible for all rallies or regularity/jogularity sections where average speed display is not allowed

RaliTripp modes:

RaliTripp has eight main modes, each with a dedicated screen, targetted at a particular type of rally or for different sections in the same event:

• Road – for general road navigation, road sections between stages etc

• Rally - for road rallies, Targa and PCA type events

• Regularity – for regularity rallies or regularity sections in other rallies

• Jogularity – for jogularity rallies or jogularity sections in other rallies

• Stage – for stage rallies 

• Time – for a simple display of rally time

• Service – for service area timing

• Totals – for an up to date log of distance travelled during the event​

Mechanical description:

RaliTripp features a robust black anodized alloy case with carbon effect front panel comprising of the 125mm (5") colour touch sensitive TFT display

  • The left hand end panel allows the external hand remote unit to be connected
  • The right hand end panel houses the unit's on/off switch
  • The rear panel allows the 12v i/p and sensor(s) to be connected via a 12-way Molex plug. An auxiliary 12v input, the driver's remote display and the driver's hand remote unit are also connected via Molex plugs
  • Dimensions: (L) 165mm (6.5") x (H) 110mm (4") x (D) 30mm (1.2")
  • The end panels and the rear panel feature M6 captive threaded nuts for clamping the unit to its mounting bracket (as used for our RoamerTime unit) via the supplied thumbscrews and rubber washers, or for direct rear mounting to dashboards, other brackets etc

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Purchase options:

RaliTripp kit comprises:

  • Fully functional RaliTripp unit
  • Mounting bracket assembly
  • Navigator's 2 button hand remote unit
  • Power i/p and sensor(s) i/p harness
  • Aux 12v connector and cable
  • Adaptor plug for optional driver's one button remote reset unit

RaliTripp kit Max comprises:

  • Fully functional RaliTripp unit
  • Mounting bracket assembly
  • Navigator's 2 button hand remote unit
  • Power and sensor(s) in harness
  • Aux 12v connector and cable
  • Adaptor plug for optional driver's one button remote reset unit
  • Drivers remote colour screen inc connecting cable
  • One button remote reset unit for driver use

​RaliTripp driver's display:

  • 90mm (3.5") TFT colour screen mounted in a bespoke black plastic case
  • Mounting screws and velcro package
  • 1.5m connecting cable
  • Dimensions: (L) 110mm (4.5") x (H) 60mm (2.25") x (D) 25mm (1")

​Driver's remote unit:

  • One button remote reset unit for driver use
  • Useful for driver to reset intermediate distance etc​

​Navigator's remote unit:

  • Spare Navigator's 2 button hand remote unit

Download RaliTripp user manual in pdf form here
Download RaliTripp user installation in pdf form here
Download RaliTripp remote display user manual in pdf form here

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