Share a little feedback received from just a few of our customers...

And, if time permits view that report compiled by Ray "Crow" Crowther from the home of "Table-Top Rallying and Rally Navigation"

A selection of comments taken from Ebay where The Basic Roamer can be located as a "buy it now" product...

Excellent transaction... "This is an awesome piece of kit" thanks Phil

If you are a Walker or use maps at all - BUY A BASIC ROAMER!!! Superb!!!

A great little tool - Recommended.

Balistic delivery, well pleased with Roamer, thanks for the free prezzie!! 100%

Many thanks for your help in choosing the right roamer and a great gift.

Another top item Phil, till the next order mate!

Fast & Friendly, superb 1:25 000 scale Roamer 6, Low Cost,
Time & Life Saver. Recommended!

It really doesn't get any better than this.

Handy little item. will use again for future products. A+
Item delivered exactly as described, great service, briliant! cheers.
SpotOn! Prompt delivery, 100%  Just Fantastic Top Quality - thanks...

Great fast service - arrived in time for the rally!

And from various other sources...

Hi there, I just wanted to send you a big thank you for such a quick delivery of the two roamers that I ordered off you on Sunday evening. I am currently working with the British Army and I received my order off you today. That was incredibly quick for an overseas delivery! I take part in Navigational competitions with the Army and I will be passing on your details to fellow competitors next weekend when I take part in my next event. Once again many thanks.
(name withheld)

I will pass your email to the rest of the members of my field police unit. Many thanks. 

Michael J Murray

I recieved my Roamer 6 thro the post no problems. It's the best Roamer I have employed. I don't use them for motorsport any more (Army Nav-Ex BAMA), but for Scouting Nav ex's using 1:25000 maps. To that end I'm running a large Night Ex with some 120 young people for my Scout District and I am suppling Maps and Roamers in the entry fee. (Planned to provide the Outdoor Shop's version

(£2.50 ea) However, now having recieved mine, I feel that these are incredibly inferior to the Basic Roamer. Could you offer me any discount for a qty order please? Many thanks for your time. 

Tony Clarke, 1st Hainford and Frettenham Scout Troop.

Phil... I'm sorry, but I'm now only going to buy the one Roamer - you sent me to your website, which was excellent by the way, this showed me the Basic Roamer 6 in much clearer detail and proves to me that it will do everything I want!

Thanks for all your help, If every company was as helpful as yours the world would be a much better place!!! 

Gervase Smith, Lincs. September '05 


Now I may be able to find out where I am!! 

Andrew Fuller, June 2005

"Phil, I heard about your products through fellow Park Rangers working for the Lancashire Countryside Service, I used the Roamer 6 once and never looked back. For anyone new or experienced to walking, hiking, trekking etc thinking  about buying a spangley new colour screen 3D lanscape £350 GPS system... DON'T BOTHER! 

(Anti electronic gadget walker and Park Ranger)

Chris Gaughan

"Some time ago, the kids got hold of my Potis and I caught them playing with it. They had broken the lamp holder. That was the end of my 12-cars for a while as I had trouble finding a suitable replacement and a new Potis was out of the question. Then came a bit of luck. After seeing that this years Table Top Rally championship was being sponsored by The Basic Roamer Company I had a browse on their web site and found that the history section mentioned the designer of the Basic Roamer, Tony Reynolds. Ah-ha, may they know something about my Potis as well then. I emailed them about the bulb holder and was amazed to learn that they had two replacements sitting on the shelf gathering dust. I was offered them free of charge and postage. Needless to say, I am now back competing in the Hart 12-cars, the last of which was run on April 8th in West Sussex." 

Steve Barber, April 28, 2005 


"A few of us in the team decided to enter the Microsoft Challenge event in Wales during June so I decided to buy a new mountain bike and make sure I give myself the best chance by investing in a lot of new gear, including a couple of Basic Roamers (one being for a colleague at work who is also in the team)" 

Allan Goodale 


Your supply of Roamer 6 will be used with Ordnance Survey to determine co-ordinate data for a database of facilities where recycled products can be used in a Borough Council. The data will later be added to GIS software. The Roamer's will make it possible to create GIS mapping data through a budget that would not allow for GPS equipment. 

Inge Flowers, University College Northampton. 


Hello, having seen your roamers recently on your web site I was very interested to make sure I get my hands on one.  However, having just lost mine last night out competing, I'm in urgent need of obtaining a new one in time for a night rally this Saturday.  Please can you advise my best course of action? Thanks in anticipation. Desparate from Doncaster. 

Bill Parkin

"Please send a Roamer 5 as soon as possible, as my Sister & I need to practise with it before our first Road Rally this weekend." 

Clare Beasley

"Committee member Nigel Evans recently purchased a Roamer 6, and was so impressed with their service he asked if we could give them a plug!" 

Editor; Hagley & District Light Car Club magazine. 


"Our Roamer's arrived this morning. Thank you for such a friendly, efficient and professional service. It was an absolute pleasure dealing with you and I will highly recommend you to others. We have already placed the Basic Roamer stickers provided on our car & I will hand the rest to the navigators on club night." 

Andrew Smith, Glasgow University Motor Sports Club 


"Sir, please forward details on price re: 10 black on white Roamer 5. I am fed up with club members messing with old junk ("curvy roamers") & would like to get more of them to be able to plot my references without moaning! I am also due a new Roamer 5!" 

Ian Marshall, Club Secretary, Clwyd Vale MC 


"I have noticed with most of the other navigators, they are now turning to the Basic Roamer for use on night events." 

Andrew Thomson. 


"Way back in 1998 I bought from you a Basic Roamer. It has served me well but now I cannot for the life of me find it. Please forward a new one a.s.a.p!" 

Maurice Luscott-Evans 


"Please accept a further order of Basic Roamer" 

Stan Wereschuk, Aeronaut, Alberta, Canada. 


"I'm very glad, that I can get the "Basic Roamer" further on. In the moment I have all variations still on stock."

Christof Thomas, CT Balloon Service, Wiehl, Deutschland. 


"It’s a long time since I used my Basic Roamer, but they are a minor miracle." 

Anthony Blyth,  Bexley Light Car Club. 


"You could also link to The Scottish LR owners club website as we use the Basic Roamers on our joint EXERCISE MUDMASTER." 

Major Donald Erquhart, Scottish Transport Division, British Army Motoring Association. 


"The Basic Roamer is a standard part of kit for the majority of GMC navigators!" 

Mark Feeney, Guildford Motor Club. 


"Thanks for also entering our banner on your links section.  I'm sure our club would love to sample the Roamer.  I'm also sure some of our members are keen on Rallying where this tool would assist with map reading etc." 

Derek Carswell, Subaru Impreza Drivers Club. 


"As an active club in all disciplines of motor sport, we would be interested in receiving a sample roamer 5 which I can show to members with a view to placing an order." 

Tom Pederson, Bridgend Motor Club


"I look forward to receiving one of your Basic Roamers." 

Richard Burns, Craven Motor Club. 


"We have decided to get 10 Basic Roamers ready for our event, The Countdown Navigation Rally, 17th July." 

Barry Lindsay, Spadeadam Motor Club


"Roamers come & go, but Basic Roamers have proved the test of time for consistent accuracy, strength, value and availability." 

Chris Knights, Wolverhampton & South Staffs Car Club. 


"Extremely useful with the explanatory leaflet a great bonus." 

Ian Esquibel, Tijuana, Mexico.


"It's about time a new, more functional Roamer was available instead of the 'boring' alternatives." 

Ray Crowther ("Crow,") Essex. 


"Hi Phil, just a note to say that the Roamer 6v2 is a revelation! In our office its fantastic. 10 out of 10 to  you all." 

Jonathan Taylor, Space Mobiles, Shropshire 


"Everyone has to use a roamer to plot map references in our rallying sport. The finest and clearest Roamer is this one. Check out their website for details of the re-launched product NOW." 

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