RoamerLite-B testimonials...

Hi Phil, last time we chatted, I reported I used the RoamerLite B on my first Road Rally and got 3rd novice on 1000 Lanes.
Update: Second ever road rally, 1000 lanes again and 2nd semi-expert. Different driver, who usually uses a single fillament bulb, and he was well impressed with the RoamerLite B. I've also used it on night stages of stage rallies and it is awesome. Cheers, Jonathan.

"The roads & track's seem to rise from the map..."

"At last... we have waited years for this.."

" 6th o/a on the Roger Albert Clark Rally '07 "
" 2nd o/a on the Roger Albert Clark Rally '08 "
 (Guy Weaver/David Stokes)

"My Wife has one for Christmas but she will have to wait for
darkness to play with it!"

"I loaned my Lite-B to a guy who did the arduous Winter Trial a six-day and three night event through (mainly) the Czech Republic. He thought it was wonderful... once he realised there was a dimmer on it!" ("Crow")

"Thought I'd email you with a testament to the Roamerlite B.
I was in a big r-rally shunt last week, straight on into tree on a missed 90 right; Result hospital. The roamerlite which was in use at the time appears to be no worse for the accident, which is more than I can say for much of the rest of the kit I had!"
(Thomas B)

"The Moonbeam Rally never ever fails to be a challenge, but that was on the of toughest events I've done by far!!  However, the loaned RoamerLite was brilliant (!)

 I was very impressed with how much better it was than my original. I must admit, I'm very interested in buying one & will contact you soon!"  A (Scoob) Falconer

"Well Phil, Saturday night & the Moonbeam was the first full event with it and basically all went really well. Its nice to hold and its certainly lighter.You tend to notice the difference at about 4 am!  The main thing was the light. Normally as the time goes on I have to alter the brightness as your eyes tend to get tired.  I never touched my RoamerLite once during the event. My eyes just did'nt feel that tired at the finish. Karl Ellis (Moonbeam)

Hi Phil,  I was very impressed with the RLite on the Border. Not only was the light consistent, the map was certainly clearer (the inherent slight blue tinge from the LEDs was a factor, which is certainly a good thing), my map markings didn't smudge as I moved the RL over the map (something which can't be said for my usual choice), and it was very durable (survived a couple of knocks against the cage etc). All in all, its a fantastic thing to use, and I have no reason to go back to my heavy old steed. Graham Dance, Border 100

Cheers Phil!! We were 20th O/A and leading the Semi's at Petrol, but we found a 5 foot ditch on a slot 90L, and went down it and lost 10 mins being pulled out. The Lite was superb, even better than I remember, and I'm absolutely chuffed with it!! It was great for when I was tilting the unit to read time cards without blinding John! He even said he could see no light from the top and how great it was, compared to the other range of Potti's that let out a lot of light!  All in all, spot on.  Andy Falconer, Border 100

Hi Phil,
Didn't make it up to the Moonbeam, something like 14th reserve (that'll teach me to leave it late) so went marshalling on the Preseli instead... I have to say I'm absolutely delighted with my Roamerlite. It's the easiest to use, yet most effective 'Poti' I've ever come across. Every event I've done since getting mine has brought me and my drivers top 10 results (Bro Caron, Eagle, Elli). Ironically, the only wrong slot I've made since getting it (that's right, only one, can't believe it!) has been while messing around with the fuse box when the strip light shorted out on the Eagle. I'm made up with it. It's raised my game to a level I hadn't thought I could achieve. As I mentioned before, the clarity and lack of glare are fantastic, every driver I've sat with has commented on this. All of my mates have been impressed with it, too... it must pass through ten pairs of hands before each event! Needless to say I've told them all to buy one! The strap has grown on me as well.
My next event is the Bro Teifi next weekend, then it's the Night Owl, then the Border.
I'm pleased that I'll be reading the maps on all of them through 'my' Roamerlite!
Thanks once again, 
Michael Gilbey

Hi Phil, The Roamerlite performed very, very well.  I had a stand in navigator for this event who had her own potti but having used the Roamerlite for a few miles, wouldn't even get hers out of the bag as a comparison - it is that good!  From a drivers point of view what was really impressive was the lack of light that I could see, meaning I had my full attention on the road & looking for code boards.Regards, Mike Nield

(Position-wise, we won the event outright so a win on it's first event in Jersey!)