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To download RoamerTime user manual in pdf form, see below...

Time of day with single stopwatch for general use.
We have developed a twin display unit for the competitor that simply requires time of day and a multi-function stopwatch for Road/Selective/Stage/Regularity section timing.
RoamerTime displays the clock and stopwatch at the same time or individually, has dimmable displays, battery/12v operation and may be removed from its bracket in seconds.
RoamerTime includes mechanical features including 
black anodized case, quick release mounting, internal battery compartment. 

>>> The hand held remote may be purchased at a later date with this option <<<
see RT Accessories

This RoamerTime kit consists of:

RoamerTime unit
Mounting bracket with fitting kit
12v i/p cable with quick fit connector
Drawstring pouch
User leaflet


      RoamerTime is a high quality cost effective timing unit for Road, Regularity and Stage rally navigators/co-drivers incorporating the following features:

  • a 12/24 hour hh:mm:ss time of day clock, which is easily set to any second, rather than
    waiting "for the minute"
  • a stopwatch with three modes – Road, Stage and Regularity - which can be paused, re-started (without loss of time) and zeroed.
  • the ability to hold the clock for a selectable time when the stopwatch is paused. 
  • stopwatch pause range: 0, 5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 30, 45, 60, 90, 120, 150 or 180 seconds.
  • adjustable display brightness
  • operation via an external 7-16v DC supply
  • all information being retained, including the clock time and the running stopwatch, when the unit is powered off or the external power fails
  • a quick release mounting bracket kit that allows adjustable fitting to all types of vehicles
  • an optional remote control unit that allows complete operation of many functions without touching the unit.

To download RoamerTime user manual in pdf form, see below...

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