RoamerTime+ has undergone an extensive design & development program since the idea was first born in 2010.
Since tested in a variety of vehicles and on events, RoamerTime+ is a unique and simple combination of Clocks, Stopwatches & Trip meters.

It's a Navigator's thing...

RoamerTime+ is an advanced although easy to use unit for Road, Regularity and Stage rally Navigators/Co-drivers incorporating many major features:

  • Unit is supplied with the Basic mode as standard and then a choice of six additional easy to use modes, each one specifically designed to simplify the different navigator/co-driver tasks related to time of day, distance travelled and time taken during different parts of different types of rallies
  • A unique facility where you can control the features that are available in your unit by licencing only the modes that you want to use.  For example, if you have only used the unit for road rallies and then decide to tackle a stage event, you can simply purchase the "Stage mode" licence to give you an auto-starting stopwatch and stage distance measurements
  • Operation via internal battery or vehicle 12v system, with all information being retained, including time of day, distances and all paused and running stopwatches, when the unit is powered off
  • Adjustable display brightness, simple distance calibration and the ability to easily set the time of day to any single second
  • A demonstration mode, where the unit can simulate travelling at a constant speed allowing practice use without being in a vehicle
  • A remote control unit that allows operation of the most common functions without having to touch the unit
  • An external "splitter" box that simplifies installation in a vehicle. Supports all common distance sensors including electronic speedometers
  • A quick release mechanism to an easily mounted bracket allowing adjustable fitting in all types of vehicles. This also means that the unit does not have to be stored in the vehicle after use, but safely in your kit bag if preferred.
  • Can be used in a variety of situations, table top events to bedside clock. Your choice!

General Description

RoamerTime+ has a robust metal case with a front panel comprising an on/off toggle switch, three lines of 7 segment LED displays and 4 multi-function buttons.

The left hand end panel has an 8-way socket for connecting the remote unit or splitter box, the latter allowing power, distance sensor and remote unit connections.

The right hand end panel has a DC power socket for external power when a remote unit is plugged into the 8-way socket, or the 8-way socket is not used.

Measurements: (L) 130mm (5") x (H) 80mm (3 1/4") x (D) 50mm (2")

The rear panel contains the 6x AA battery compartment. 

Each end panel also contains an M6 captive threaded nut for clamping the unit to its mounting bracket via the supplied thumbscrews and rubber washers.

 RTtrial-2-small.jpg undergoing trials RTtrial-1-small.jpg

RoamerTime+ Modes

The seven RoamerTime+ modes, their features and usage are as follows:

  • Basic Mode - a dedicated display containing time of day plus two stopwatches - for general timing of road, regularity or stage rally sections - plus the time of day and the stopwatch elements of the Road, Rally, Regularity and Stage modes
  • Road Mode - time of day plus total and trip distances - for general road distance timing  including  navigating between competitive sections by following event road books
  • Speed Mode - time of day plus current speed and distance travelled
  • Rally Mode -  time of day plus stopwatch and distance - for selective sections on road rallies
  • Regularity Mode - stopwatch plus total and trip distances - for complex regularity sections where speed changes are needed at total or intermediate distances and/or time allowances are given for crossing other roads/railway lines etc
  • Stage Mode - time of day plus 1/10th second stopwatch and stage distance - for special stage timing with simple one-button auto-start and freeze of stage times
  • Totals Mode - time of day plus distance travelled and total time taken - for checking or recording the total distance travelled, plus the total amount of time that the vehicle has been moving.

RoamerTime+ Mode licencing

  • Purchase the RoamerTime+ Standard kit - the unit is supplied with Basic Mode and a choice of two additional modes of your choice licenced and ready for use
    At the time of purchase, or afterwards, you can enable all the time and distance functions for other modes as required - you choose the ones you require

  • Purchase the RoamerTime+ Full kit - the unit is supplied with Basic Mode and all additional modes licenced and ready for use

    RoamerTime+ modes are individually licenced, allowing you to choose how many features are available in your own unit.  


Note that a distance sensor (wheel bolt, speedo cable or electronic speedo) is required for licenced modes to show distance measurements.

Installing a Mode Licence after initial purchase

If you want to enable the full time and distance features of additional modes to your unit after the initial purchase, order them from this web site and provide your unit serial number, which is displayed when the unit is turned on with the M button pressed.

You will then be emailed your mode licence, which will be two 4-digit licence keys e.g. 1234 / 8765.  These two keys are only for the mode requested and are specific to your unit - they will not licence that mode, or any other mode, on any other unit.

These keys then need to be entered into the unit - you can do this yourself and you do not need to return the unit.  The keys are entered, in order, as distance "calibration values".  This only has to be done once.  The full procedure is described in the User Manual, but in summary, the steps are:

•    From any mode, enter the distance calibration setting part of the unit

•    Note the existing calibration value - this will be lost when the keys are entered

•    Enter the first 4-digit key as a calibration value - the unit will accept that value and return to the current mode

•    Repeat the process and enter the second 4-digit key as a calibration value - the unit will rapidly flash the screen 8 times and return to the current mode.  The full time and distance features of the licenced mode will now operate

•    Re-enter the calibration value that existed before entering the licence keys.

If you purchased an RT+ prior to software version 1.52.x please contact us for instructions on how to have your RT+ upgraded f.o.c

Q) What’s changed in the latest software version 1.52.x compared with software version 1.42.x ?

A) RoamerTime+ now has these additional features:
1. Easy calibration method when the measured distance is not exactly 1 mile/km
2. Distance adjustment mode to allow calibration to be changed to match road book
3. Calibration values (i.e. pulses per measured mile/km) can be up to 99,999
4.Internal distance resolution is 0.01 mile/km
5. The calibration display respects the remote unit toggle switch
6. User choice whether distance displays show 1 or 2 decimal places
7. User choice whether leading zeros on stopwatches shown or suppressed
8. User choice on how to alter/reset/set the stopwatch in Regularity Mode
9. User choice on how t.o.d clock is “frozen” in Stage Mode when crossing flying finish
10. Clock does not stop when setting it unless time is changed

Download RoamerTime+ user manual in pdf form here

It's a Navigator's thing...