OK/SOS Vision Board

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This unique folding design allows OK or SOS to be displayed on both sides at the same time whilst retaining the standard A4 size. This semi-rigid, 100% waterproof safety board weighs in at just 50grms.   



As you may well understand, increasing safety awareness is top of the list with regards all organising teams but unfortunately, not always with competitors themselves. With this in mind the OK/SOS board is of course a mandatory piece of the crew’s kit. We have managed to enhance this simple idea and hopefully increase safety one step further.


 We listened to Safety Marshals, Event Organisers & Competitors alike, it has been noted that an escalating (and potentially dangerous) set of circumstances are evolving. It is a common occurrence whereby the OK or SOS under display has and is being mistaken for the very opposite!
This seems impossible but for instance, if a competing vehicle arriving at the scene does not have time to note the displayed OK/SOS board (due to a variety of reasons,) then after passing the incident that crew will actually note the opposite display in the rear view mirror! In the heat of the moment mistakes are happening. This, just one of the many reported incidents to have occurred in real time. At the very least, organisers time and resources are being wasted.



The all new and unique OK/SOS "Vision" Safety Board© can only display OK or SOS at any one time. Using a simple folding technique coupled with the strong but failsafe hook & eye (velcro type) fastening method, the Vision board can be changed over in less than two seconds. The Vision arrives in the SOS/SOS mode for obvious reasons. Packaging contains additional fasteners to allow for choice of stowage, hence easy access in the event of requirement.

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